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Holy Angels

Where do angels come from?

What are angels like?

Where do angels dwell?

What do angels do and how does it affect us as humans?

What is the destiny of angels?

Fallen Angels

Do demons really exist?

Where do demons come from?

What are demons like?

Where do demons dwell?

What do demons do and how does it affect us as humans?

What is the destiny of demons?


Does Satan really exist?

Where does Satan come from?

What is Satan like?

Where does Satan dwell?

What does Satan do and how does it affect us as humans?

What is Satan’s destiny?


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A Brief Study of Angels

Holy and Fallen (including Satan)

AngelThere is much fascination in the world today regarding angels. Robert Lightner reports that the well-known publication Guideposts recently began publishing a bimonthly magazine, Angels on Earth, which chronicles the stories of people who believe they have had angelic encounters (Angels, Satan and Demons, p. 1). It is quite common to see people wearing jewelry or other apparel depicting angels or to know someone who collects angels in some form or another. And of course, who has not seen the popular (but now canceled) television show Touched By An Angel in which angels were sent by God on a mission to help someone in each episode.

Lightner poses an interesting question: “What are Bible-believing Christians to make of all this angel talk?” On the surface this acknowledgment of angels might seem to be good. It wasn’t too long ago that unbelievers scoffed at the silly notion of believing in angels. The thinking might be that since now people are at least willing to accept the idea of supernatural beings it is easier to talk to them about the Lord. On some level this may be true, however, it must be recognized that in the midst of all this fanfare much misinformation is being spread. It must also be recognized that other groups besides Bible-believing Christians (such as those involved in New Age practices) are intrigued with and promote angelology to what Christians might consider an unhealthy degree. A fascination with the supernatural can lead to some very dangerous spiritual places if it is not grounded in truth.

Thus we come to the purpose of this study which is to inform us in a balanced way from the Bible about the various aspects of angels (including the fallen angels and their leader, Satan). It is my hope that having this knowledge will allow us to discern the difference between truth, speculation and outright lies both for ourselves and also for those around us who might be misled and deceived by false teachings.